About Me

I am a professional double bass player, normally playing in orchestras in and around Denver. I am the principal bassist of the Fort Collins Symphony, and the Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra. I also play in the Boulder Philharmonic and the Colorado Ballet Orchestra, as well a frequent substitute musician at the Colorado Symphony. I play with other chamber ensembles as well, such as the Sphere Ensemble, Pro Musica Colorado, and the Boulder Bach Festival where I am a member of the CoRE Orchestra playing on a period insturment

For the past few months I have been exploring using technology to aid in solo classical improvisation. This spring I began taking lessons from Todd Reynolds, who has been extremely helpful in getting me off the ground. I cannot emphasize enough how knowledgeable he is, and his music is absolutely incredible, so if you haven't discovered him definitely look him up. After the rest of the orchestra season was cancelled due to the prevention of the spread of the global pandemic, I found myself with more free time to create new music. I use looping technology to create supporting textures and harmonies that I can then solo over. I believe that this technology has applications not only in creating music but in teaching and learning as well. I am developing techniques as part of my D.M.A. dissertation that I will be able to pass on to other musicians so that they can benefit from adding these new technologies to their own practice.

I also have a passion for teaching, I view myself as a lifelong student, and I love passing on my knowledge and helping students find comfort and facility on the Double Bass. As a teacher, I have taught coachings at various high schools and middle schools. I was a Teaching Assistant at University of Colorado Boulder School of Music for three years, running multiple chamber groups and giving lessons and help to the bass studio. As a private teacher, my students have gone on to place highly in top student orchestras such as DYAO and All-State Orchestras, as well as receive full-ride scholarships to college. I specialize in helping prepare students for orchestral auditions, which as principal bass of several professional orchestras I have learned what judges and committees want to hear and how to help students achieve that sound.

Web Design

I dabble on and off with teaching myself coding and web design. It started as a degree requirement during my D.M.A. but has led me into lots of new interests and hobbies. I designed this website from scratch using the Bootstrap, an open source library of tools to make designing websites easier. You can find it here. It is probably one of the most widely used libraries out there, and it's a good place to start and tweak later. If you like the look of my website and are interested in having me set up your website, please email me at brettarmstrongdoublebass@gmail.com.